About Terry

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terry_face.jpgI am a relational, psychodynamically oriented Jungian therapist.  What does that mean?

I believe we heal, grow, and become our true, authentic selves within the context of a safe, nurturing, supportive relationship.  We need to feel safe to explore and discover all aspects of ourselves.

Our past experiences often inform and influence the way we experience and interact with the people in our lives and the world in general.  We can find ourselves stuck in our lives or repeating the same patterns (perhaps they are generational patterns) in our relationships without knowing why, or even being aware that we are doing this.  Depression, anxiety, and other symptoms may be our present response to unresolved experiences that happened to us long ago.  Gaining awareness and understanding of our past can be the first step in loosening its grip on us.

As children, we are shaped to become members of a family, a culture, and a society.  In the process, we learn what we are and are not supposed to do / be, shutting down those parts of ourselves that we learn to believe are not acceptable.  From a Jungian perspective, those exiled parts of ourselves contain vitality, richness, and treasures.  Moving towards wholeness and our own unique authenticity is a process called “individuation”.  We are so much more than meets the eye.  Our conscious ego is only the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”.  Dreams are one window into the depths of our psyche where we may find clues to unlock inner conflicts,  untapped potentials, and deeper wisdom and guidance.

I work with clients in a collaborative manner.  Each person’s journey is uniquely their own.  Along the way, the process often includes helping clients recognize their strengths; identify their needs and goals; develop new skills and capacities; build healthier relationships with self and others; and discover and integrate new aspects of themselves.