Welcome, I’m Glad You Are Here

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Through the course of life, every person develops strengths, encounters challenges, suffers pain, and struggles with issues common to humanity and at the same time uniquely their own.

A wide range of situations lead people to enter therapy.  Some examples include struggling with relationships; feeling a vague emptiness or a lack of meaning to life; suffering from a range of mental health issues; in the midst of a significant life transition (or upheaval); grieving the loss of someone or something dear to them; wanting to pursue personal growth; feeling stuck, unable to move forward in life; suffering the effects of a recent or long-past trauma; and experiencing a blocked creative urge.

We all have different needs at different times.  Sometimes extra support can get us through.  Other times a safe, objective person with no agenda regarding the outcome can help us sort things out and find our way. Processing our stories with a compassionate witness can lead to healing, reconnecting us to ourselves and others.  Exploring our relational issues in the context of our personal history can help us develop healthier relationships.  Transforming into our authentic selves often requires a companion to facilitate our process and journey into the depths of our soul.

I am a Jungian psychotherapist, believing that we each have our unique journey to take through life.  I trust in the process and see the results.  I am honored to support, facilitate, and walk with you wherever your journey takes you.